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Keep some positive energy for myself

I’ve been trying to give out positive thoughts for everyone but mostly received back negative vibes or jealousy or stabs in the back. Just another day going home from work exhausted and wondered why people have to be like that? Always jealous, always want to shine but do not want to try. Instead of trying to improve themselves, they believe dragging people down is a smarter and wiser way. But they’re wrong. Because I believe in karma. I believe that’s why I sleep well at night.

I normally got home from work drained by those toxic people. But I decided to pull myself up, to save a little positive energy for myself. Thinking of my family, my loved ones, the ones who are truly care for me.

I decided to draw a straight line today, that “C is not my friend and will not be my friend” even though I’ve been trying to forget and forgive all the times she stabs me in my back just so she can look better. I will stop wonder why she has to be like that because it’s not my job anymore to wonder and to be sad about it. Friendship is not a one-way road. I will not allow people to take advantage of my kindness. I choose to be kind, I choose to be nice because that’s what my parents taught me. Because that’s my nature. I don’t fake. But I am not stupid, I see through your shady moves and bad intentions. I can read you like read a book but unfortunately you’re a bad one so that I won’t waste my time on it.

I am gonna just be me. Work hard, be kind, be nice, go home, eat well, sleep well, love and be loved by family. Enjoy my life.

It’s easier said than done because I always feel like a tree 🌳 who only wants to be still and peaceful but the winds never stop shaking the tree! Fuck those annoying bitchy winds. 😤 Haha

Leave work by the front door!

Home! Family is everything I should care for! ☮

Positive thoughts for my own: Christmas is coming, it’s my favorite time of the year ❤ (minus all the year-end bills, adult life 😪). And I am going to see my big family soon. 🥰

Looking forward to Christmas 🎄 😀 😊

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  1. I don’t know how old you are, but I do know that you have learned the secret of a good life: “I am gonna just be me. Work hard, be kind, be nice, go home, eat well, sleep well, love and be loved by family. Enjoy my life.” You are a smart lady.


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