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Actions speak louder than words.

Hydroxychloroquine a possibility to be used in treating COVID-19? You decide…

First off, let me clarify my opening, several doctors who have used/prescribed hydroxychloroquine state it IS effective if prescribed (more than likely with a correct dosage) AND MUST BE used with Zinc.

However, the main stream media (MSM) has blasted that it IS NOT effective based on a “small, non peer reviewed study”.

Here are a few samples of YouTube snippets I pulled from some MSM indicating that the drug “does not work” or “is not effective” or “it could harm you”. Hold on a minute… All drugs out there could harm you – so what’s your point MSM?

April 21, 2020 – Speaking of side effects. Have you listened to any prescription drug commercials on TV lately?
April 12, 2020 – At 3:52 minute mark – “…Social media companies went after the ‘misinformation’ on the drug…”

FDA cautions against use of hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine for COVID-19 outside of the hospital setting or a clinical trial due to risk of heart rhythm problems

So the FDA back on July 1, 2020 stated this… Interesting.

Here’s a sound bite from a podcast that I listen to from the radio (now and then) – starting at the 11:53 minute mark is when they mentioned the peer reviewed study of use of hydroxychloroquine. It is a good listen from 11:53 minute mark to the end with various local callers providing their experiences with the drug being prescribed to use as a treatment for COVID-19.

In the Podcast above they did mention a good point – “…politics are getting in the way of science and helping people save lives…”

April 7, 2020 – The key factor is this sentence: “Hydroxychloroquine opens a port in zinc channel in the cells for zinc ions which then interrupts virus reproduction.” So it HAS to be used in conjunction with Zinc.
April 8, 2020 – An E.R. Doctor Infected With Covid-19 Back At Work After Using Hydroxychloroquine and Z-Pak Protocol
July 6, 2020 -Study shows hydroxychloroquine cut death rates in some coronavirus patients

Was Trump right about hydroxychloroquine all along?

I share all sides of the possible story – I leave it up to you to make your decision and ask yourself – Could this drug have been really helpful if “politics” were NOT in play?

Are guns the problem?

What is the actual definition of a “device”?
It is a NOUN – “a thing made or adapted for a particular purpose, especially a piece of mechanical or electronic equipment.”

What is the actual definition of a “tool”?
Here it is – NOUN – “a device or implement, especially one held in the hand, used to carry out a particular function.”

Anything CAN be a tool from a shovel, saw, hammer, wrench, knife, gun, bat, crowbar, sword, pencil, pen, sickle, etc.

The above I mentioned, also, can be a weapon if it is utilized for that SPECIFIC PURPOSE TO BE A WEAPON.  As it can be used for another purpose OTHER THAN a weapon.

Where am I going at this, you wonder?  Clear your mind with all bias and just use the basic common sense and logic here. That is all I ask… and after you have read this blog, YOU DECIDE FOR YOURSELF and without the biases of all the main stream media (MSM) out there in what THEY’RE TELLING YOU HOW it should look or be like.

All the items I listed are inanimate objects. Inanimate – “not alive, especially not in the manner of animals and humans. Showing no sign of life, is lifeless.”

So a gun with nobody holding it or behind it, is an inanimate object. Similarly, a bat, knife, car, bicycle, motorcycle, crowbar, hammer, saw, wrench, pen, and pencil are all inanimate objects. These objects do not choose to hurt nor kill a thing.

It is THE individual behind such tool/device/inanimate object noted.

So when you hear on the mainstream media that “guns kill people”. Think about it… the gun by itself cannot kill or hurt someone if it is just sitting on the desk, floor, table, etc. It is the person behind the object, holding the object, brandishing the object utilizing it to do the actual harm. How is this any different from someone being stabbed by a knife? How is it any different from someone being beaten to death by a bat? Or a shovel? Or a crowbar? I can go on.

Regardless of any one’s beliefs it all comes down to… What and why did that person want to cause harm to another? Anybody can die from a stab wound or blunt force trauma to their head by a bat, shovel, wrench, car, etc.

However, what is politicized the most and blasted all over main stream media = guns. Guns are bad, guns should be banned, more background checks, universal background checks, etc, etc.

As I mentioned before in my prior blog posts… Any criminal (does not matter what kind) if they want to do harm, they will use any means necessary to do it. They do not care to follow the law, it’s why they choose to be a criminal. And any criminal will find a way to find any tool/device to be their weapon of choice. You think a criminal will follow the law? Nope.

Take a step back and sit outside of your “comfort zone”. Honestly speaking, no one state is perfect and have no crime(s) committed at all. The analyses below are on the “reported crimes” that I am able to research and find:

Annual Reported Crime Report for 2018 from Chicago Police Department
Annual Reported Crime Report for 2019 from Chicago Police Department

The annual reports from the Chicago Police Department were pulled directly from their website: Annual Reports – Chicago Police Department

Annual Reported Crime Report for 2018 from Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
Annual Reported Crime Report for 2019 from Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Even the criminals in this video stated that they’ll carry or find a gun regardless of the law(s).

The city of Kennesaw, Georgia has passed an ordinance where it would require (but not necessarily enforce) residents in the city of Kennesaw to own a firearm. Chapter 34 – CIVIL EMERGENCIES ARTICLE II. – FIREARMS

Other cities I noted have similar laws / ordinances passed to Kennesaw, Georgia. To name a couple that have similar gun ordinances passed – city of Virgin, Utah and city of Gun Barrel City, Texas.

The Gun Barrel City has passed a resolution where residents can own a gun (but not enforced):

The reports are lengthy. And again these only show “reported crimes”. However, after looking at these reports… Are “guns” really the problem as our politicians constantly repeat that old tune and portray them as such?

Or is it mainly a criminal problem, where again, any criminal (does not matter what kind) if they want to do harm, they will use any means necessary to do it.