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Anh Le

Actions speak louder than words.

George Floyd Riots – Rioters and Protesters attack Truck Driver in Minnesota I-35

A police who has been a police but when he abused the law and made mistake. He served his bad choice. That’s understandable.

But a criminal who has been doing nothing good for society but have been making many minor crimes but now pronounced a hero who died for justice?! I can’t understand society and the people surround me anymore.

Justice is a joke. Political game is getting very ugly and dirty and the young generation is made of a huge crowd of entitled useless brats!

So full of it

Nobody give a damn about:

And also want me to do more Licensed Technician Appointment to bring more pet numbers for the hospital so that we can have more hours for staff and also please deal with upset clients and also please make sure everyone is happy?! I don’t get paid enough for this bs!

This is medicine practice. It’s not only about the talk. It’s about the knowledge, education, work ethic. I am so tired of listening to empty talks. 😪