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Anh Le

Actions speak louder than words.


Those three words are powerful. It embraces the power of us – the US citizen. But lately many of us seemed to forget it. We’ve been sleeping on Netflix shows, TV shows, Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram. We’ve been having our heads in the clouds. We’ve been drugged with fantasies. Let’s wake up and look around. Life is not like a TV show, life is what happened where many people risked their lives to flee from their communist/socialist countries to be in U.S.A and then watched the young U.S citizen fight to go back to communist/socialist country.

It’s never felt this good uninstalling Facebook, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram (never been on Twitter) and canceled Amazon Prime, Netflix.

We made them rich and now we can bring them down. We are the users. We are the people. We will not let the Social medias which we supported and made them big now turn back and suppress our voices and freedom of speech. We will not let the people who we voted for to be our voices now turn back and cheat on our election to secure their position for more years of looting our tax money into their pockets.

America is a country of freedom and democracy. We will not let anyone to destroy our constitution. We will keep our heads up, keep voices loud and clear, keep our guns.


It’s sad when many of my friends do not share the same view. It’s sad to see they voted for Biden just because they hated on Trump. It’s sad to hear they talked and realized they do not know and understand how their government works. All they knew about their government is what the TV and media told them so.

It’s sad I lost some friends or at least could not keep in touch with many friends because I decided to be off Facebook.

But I get to do it for my righteousness. I don’t allow to be a slave of big tech, media, corrupt politicians who think they can use me or manipulate me.

Goodbye my friends on Facebook. Text me if you need because you have my phone numbers. See you offline!

Big Tech Censorship

“Remember when Nancy Pelosi she called the red hat – Make America Great Again – red hat the new ‘KKK’ hood.”

“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called President Trump a “white supremacist” countless times.”

“Ilhan Omar stated that the prior Trump rallies were ‘Klan rallies’.”

I agree with the twins, the above mentioned, would incite violence because specifically of the narrative that the progressives/liberals and people on the left keep repeating and repeating loudly. Why? Just because they do not like Trump.

And since progressives/liberals and people on the left constantly repeated the same narrative, various Trump supporters, minding their own business, wearing the apparel were attacked – for the simple fact that they are wearing the “Trump” gear.

I DO NOT like white supremacists, racists and people insinuating a false narratives.

At the 4:50 minute mark, the Hodgetwins did have a valid point… All the Congresswomen they mentioned earlier who made remarks still have their Twitter accounts. Why is that?

And they touched upon the BLM protesting / riots when they started destroying businesses, burning buildings and other businesses chanting, “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE”. What does that mean to you? Why was that okay – to the left?

And remember BLM Chicago organizer, Ariel Atkins – the looting – in Chicago? “Looting… that is reparations… Anything they want to take, take it because these businesses have insurance…”

BLM is still on Twitter… still on FB. After all they’ve done.

All of this talk by government officials are talking in hyperbole (exaggerated statements).

The main point is that the current President of the United States no longer has his social media platforms. However, on the other hand – all these other government officials and protester organizers still do – even after all of the things THEY have stated in the past in year 2020 and before.

10:15 minute mark – Social media companies are a private company – they can do whatever they want… All right, then why can’t private companies be open for business during COVID-19? Doesn’t make any sense.

10:50 minute mark – Who gave all this power to the Big Tech companies? Congress did. Now that Big Tech has this “immunity” it is now being abused.

Section 230 was developed in response to a pair of lawsuits against Internet service providers (ISPs) in the early 1990s that had different interpretations of whether the service providers should be treated as publishers or distributors of content created by its users. After passage of the Telecommunications Act, the CDA was challenged in courts and ruled by the Supreme Court in Reno v. American Civil Liberties Union (1997) to be unconstitutional, though Section 230 was determined to be severable from the rest of the legislation and remained in place. Since then, several legal challenges have validated the constitutionality of Section 230.

In the following years, protections from Section 230 have come under more scrutiny on issues related to hate speech and ideological biases in relation to the power technology companies can hold on political discussions, and became a major issue during the 2020 United States presidential election.

Now – if you can’t see it – open your eyes WIDER. Congress has given power to all these people and look how corrupt they’ve become. Big Tech is hiding behind the “immunity”.

Big Tech can’t be sued so why are they censoring certain people?

If you can control the narrative in the public form, which these social media platforms are… You control literally everything. They want to control the narrative because hardly people watch T.V., listen to radio – but are largely on these social media platforms.