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Anh Le

Actions speak louder than words.

Loving these Tweets

I won’t say much because the tweets themselves can speak for themselves… unfortunately, quite a bit of simple minded idiots and I’m not sorry to say – will believe such tweets.

He says so to get more votes back in 2020, of course~ What politician would just say things to get more votes? The gall…
And look what happens after several months in, being in office, going back on those words – just for votes.

You have to read some of the responses to their tweet on October 17, it is hilarious.

Let’s check back on a prior blog, I’ve posted, about some of these bills that are introduce by Congress: H.R. 1319 – From 117th Congress – “American Rescue Plan Act of 2021”

So what is “their fair share”? Really? Many governments (federal, state and local) give tax incentives to companies (big AND small) so they can build in the respective locations, provide jobs and services to such areas. Does that not click in any one’s minds? It’s basic economics. For the first several years the incentives kicks in because such companies are literally starting out and then afterwards they do pay taxes. You won’t see the corporation’s taxes because it’s a disclosure issue. Want to see something you have to literally ask under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

Let’s revisit some older blog posts of mine regarding taxes, shall we?

Tax Rates – The Laffer Curve

Is increasing minimum wage beneficial or hurtful? I believe it is hurtful.

President Biden’s Economic Policies

Life is like a circle. When we complete the circle, we’re back to the start.

Cherish the moments now before they become a memory

I remember when I was a kid, my mom always told me “Time waits for no one, you have to learn to value every minutes you have before they’re gone.” I only listened but it was like a lemon tree to me, I was like “okay mom but I have plenty of time.” and I was always thinking to myself “I can’t wait to grow up…to be an adult, to have house and money of my own.”

Over 30-years old now, still want to live the youth, still want to be the kid. Life just hit different throughout the stages.

Life is like a circle with different stages. When we complete the circle, we’re back to the start.