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Anh Le

Actions speak louder than words.

1 Year from the election, 2020. What has the Biden Administration done for United States of America?

Another month before it is November again, 2021. So that is the trillion dollar question… What has the Biden Administration done for the United States of America since he has taken office since January 2021?

To quote the infamous line from ‘Spaceballs’ – “…Absolutely nothing…!”

However, he did keep his promise of undoing majority if not all of Trump Administration’s policies implemented from his prior administration. So I guess that is one thing the Biden Administration has done for USA. But that did not really help, now, did it? You will need to really tap into your critical thinking brain on this one.

Undoing the prior administration’s policies has basically hindered the progress of moving forward in bettering the USA’s economy, security, motivation, innovation, etc., etc.

Economy is hindered because there’s quite of bit of Americans still on unemployment. Why is that so? MANY companies are hiring but no one wants to work? Why? Get off your BS excuses and lazy asses people. Just get a PAYING job. Don’t you need your job to support your spending on $1000’s TVs or the newest smart phones or whatever else technology out there? And I find it ironic how many people are harping on saying “F*** capitalism” or “Protest capitalism”, but they’re so out of tune that all the products that they possess are the mere results of Capitalism…

She cannot even see the irony.
If you want to smash capitalism, then don’t buy any of those products you have. NOTHING!

I mean it is not just the material items that capitalism thrives on… It’s the providing of a good or a service. It’s two-pronged. You get a good in exchange because you yourself WANT it. You get a service because you yourself WANT it. What service? Well there’s restaurants, accountants, mechanics, engineers, architects, doctors, specialists, bars, therapy, massages, acupuncture, and the list goes on.

Security for the United States of America is hindered because apparently our southern border is open… still… IT was opened when Biden took office and did away with Trump Administration’s prior border policies. So there’s still huge influxes of illegal immigrants coming in. And I cannot harp on it again because it’s just so voluminous and utterly ridiculous of how the Southern border is being dealt with (or lack thereof). You can refer back to my prior blog back on March 13, 2021 – The Border Policy is out of hand…

And this was more recent as of September 20, 2021

Motivation is lacking for everyone. I don’t need to expand on that anymore with the above two explained.

Innovation may be hindered because of what may come out of the Biden Administration’s future policies… We are blasting back to the Stone Age everyone. Who knows…?

Quoting Pelosi: “Keep government open, we have to those imminently. More imminently even to address the full ‘Obama agenda’ of ‘Building Back Better’… And I love to say ‘Building Back Better.’ ”

What the heck?

Please refer to my prior blog on what these life-long, “career politicians” are mentioning about ‘Building Back Better’… The Great Reset is becoming more prominent

I don’t find it shocking how some reporters in Australia are like, “….?” Our country, is an embarrassment to the entire “free world”.

People getting flustered over a hairstyle by a performing artist… Really?

Okay… So things have been blowing up on a certain performing artist, key phrase here – “PERFORMING ARTIST”. One of the members of BLACKPINK, Lalisa, is being blasted over a particular hairstyle she has in her ad promoting her new single – “MONEY”.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa under fire for alleged cultural appropriation in ‘Money’

What’s my overall take on it? It is JUST F*CKING HAIR! Get over yourselves everybody. It’s HAIR! Who gives a shit? Don’t pull the “cultural appropriation” bullsh!t. How is it affecting you, overall? It is not. It’s just because it may hurt someone’s feelings? Get off your high horses “Karen’s” out there.

As he said towards the end, “…Ya’ll finding shit to complain about because every body else is complaining.”

Also, she’s a performing artist. She performs and is an artist. Get it through your thick skulls everyone. They’re going to be dressing and styling however they like because that is what they do as an performer and as an artist! Oh my gosh, “How You Like That?” With the pun intended.

Let’s see what others are saying about this in the Twitterverse…

What a sad world we are living in this day and age. Seriously, though why ya’ll bitchin’ and complainin’? Just because she’s becoming more popular around the world along with the rest of the members of BLACKPINK, people gotta complain about something that’s not even remotely offensive?

How about this… quite a bit of times people go into a Vietnamese restaurant or any Asian restaurant in general and ask for a fork as their utensil of choice to eat the food versus using chopsticks. Do you see the servers there or the owner be offended by that notion because the patrons choose to use a fork to eat their food rather than a chopstick? Uh… no. They give you the fork and let you eat. They’re literally happy to see customers enjoying their food, regardless of how it is eaten.

So then… braids are only for black people…? Is that your take on it (those “Karens” out there in this ridiculous world we live in now)? Why the fluff do you care how someone’s hair style is or is not? It’s not on your head. It’s their choice to have whatever the fluff hair they want to have. How does one’s style affect your own ability to live your life? It DOES NOT.

Man people got to freaking get a life and be more intelligent.

I love BLACKPINK and their music, it is really good and their rhythm is amazing. If they ever stumble upon this blog, I shall leave a message of encouragement for them as a whole… Please continue to make music because all of you are amazing and I hope you all get to perform, again, all over the world (in another world tour). I hope you come back to the USA and perform because it’d be great to see your concert.

I shall end this blog with a portion of wise lyrics from Weezer – “Pork and Beans”:

“…Everyone likes to dance to a happy song
With a catchy chorus and beat so they can sing along…

…I’ma do the things that I wanna do
I ain’t got a thing to prove to you
I’ll eat my candy with the pork and beans
Excuse my manners if I make a scene
I ain’t gonna wear the clothes that you like
I’m fine and dandy with the me inside
One look in the mirror and I’m tickled pink
I don’t give a hoot about what you think…”

News? But not new?!

This kind of report/news is very lame. This is basic science. Very basic knowledge/understanding about vaccine and how vaccine works. This is nothing new.

This kind of news is like telling me “water is liquid, poop stinks and don’t eat poop!”

This makes me sad because this is our reality. Major of population does have enough education but still hold certain positions in society. That we need to make sure to label hot coffee with “caution hot” and to label laundry detergent with “this is not food”.