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2022’s chapter was happily closed and sealed with our last camping trip at Big Bend National Park

The beauty of Big Bend and the night sky there took my breath away. Sorry for some typos, I put the video together late at night, I guess I was sleepy.

I’ve been half of 2022 going on camping trip and road trip with my family.

Here are some more camping/ road trips in 2022:

Our road trip from Texas to New York city
Our road trip from Texas to New York city
Gatlinburg is my new favorite place to visit now. Something about the forest there that healed my soul. I felt like I was breathing and healing within the Earth’s lungs. So green, so fresh, so pure.
Driving through Broadway in Nashville
Sunny evening at Dana Peak, Belton Lake
Perfect night at Cedar Breaks, Lake Georgetown
Airport Park Campground, part of Lake Waco
Just another weekend at Jim Hogg park
Summer 2022 | A beautiful day in Padre Island with family


I am looking forward to treasure more memories with my loved ones in 2023. 🙂