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So, unfortunately I just got rear-ended by a pick-up truck at the stop light. His fault 100% so that he took 100% liability. However, his insurance is Statefarm, and that was when all the hassle begins.

This company works like a scam cave! The whole system of work is very similar to a corrupted politic party! Very useless.

Suddenly I got hit by a random guy, I was in pain. I called his insurance – Statefarm – that he gave me the info. The Statefarm employee just picked up the phone – did not ask me if I am okay or if I am hurt. No, he did not – then gave me a hard time spelling all of the VIN number because he could not find the policy holder – I was very much in pain still and slow in response and could not remember his name – but he was very short, rude and not helpful. All he did was to take in the infomation and gave me a claim number. Okay so one thing done, got the claim number. Tried to drive home slowly in a broken car with the back door unable to close properly and the trunk needed to be tape down.

The morning after I got a call back from Statefarm, asked about all the informaiton again, I went over it again. Then I asked for the car rental information because my car is so broken and I need a car to go to work. I am a nurse so that I don’t have a Mon – Fri schedule. They gave me enterprise number to call, they told me to call enterprise and let them know the claim number. I hung up and call enterprise, enterprise told me that they don’t have any car until 11 days later, I was annoyed. They told me that I need to understand that there is a “car shortage”, I told them that they need to understand that I suddenly got hit and now do not have a car to go to work. Do they expect me to stop going to work? who is going to pay my bills? These assholes was getting me on my nerve. But I remain calm and call Statefarm back to let them know the situation. This time, another person picked up the phone, asked all the questions again in a very demanding manners, all of them have the same manners – RUDE and unprofessional – they acted like I was bothering them on their vacation or something?! – I don’t get it?! Then they gave me another number to call, this time I called Hertz, they told me that Statefarm has to submit the request and the claim number. So that I had to call back Statefarm and asked them to do it. After that, 3 hours later, I received an email with the car rental information with the name spelled wrong. I replied to ask them to correct the name and they told me that I need to call Statefarm to correct it? I called Statefarm and another lady picked up, asked for all the questions again, put me on hold, then gave me the same fucking number that I just called and got to talk to her, then pass me to another lady, now this lady stated that she has all of the information in right this time and that I have to call Hertz tomorrow at 8 am because Hertz just closed now to let them know to correct the name for me. OMG – I wanted to punch her in the face just for the way she talked to me!

I was like WTF omg these people, it took me the whole fucking day! And my head is sure still hurt so bad after a hard whip lash as well as my shoulder and neck! They did seem to care about people’s wellness at all. All they’ve been doing is to kick the ball around like it’s not their problem to worry! They should have been the person who helped and assisted me from A to Z, they should have been the one who called and take care of car rental sitation for me instead of keep giving me hard time to call here and there and do the job for them! I was lavage! So frustrated. I told them that my head still hurts and that I will need to go have it check up just in case I may have a concussion because I started to feel a little nauseus, they told me “sure, just give the clinic wherever you go the claim number and it should be it.” I went to 2 different places and they told me that I need to pay out-of-pocket and then the insurance company will reimburse me because medical teams don’t work with auto-insurance company, they only work through attorney! But what if I am too poor I don’t have the money to pay out-of-pocket for a CT scan or that I don’t have money to hire an attorney? There were so many confusions and questions in my head and I started to get a bad headache and it felt very inconvient for all of this. First, it was not my fault, somebody hit me, and now I am being given a hard time making all these calls, wasting all my time, worrying about everything to situate myself. Suddenly, I got a lot of problems to worry about even though they said they took 100% liability. It makes zero sense.

I got to my upset mode at this point. There’s no more calm in me with these people!

I felt like I am submersed in a pool of incompetent workers who is barely helpful. All they’ve done is to kick and pass me around like a ball. No work ethic, no sympathy, no liability, no responsibility! Very disappointing staff!

Lesson that I’ve learnt : I DO NOT WANT TO GET HIT BY A STATEFARM’S POLICY HOLDER! Because Statefarm hire a whole punch of incompetent fools with zero customer services. You have to work for them, make all the calls for them, take care of yourself while you in pain or dying – nobody gives a shit. They only care you if you pay your insurance bill in time or not. Fucking assholes who loves to sit on their ass doing nothing, no dignity or work ethic and collect their salary!

Keep some positive energy for myself

I’ve been trying to give out positive thoughts for everyone but mostly received back negative vibes or jealousy or stabs in the back. Just another day going home from work exhausted and wondered why people have to be like that? Always jealous, always want to shine but do not want to try. Instead of trying to improve themselves, they believe dragging people down is a smarter and wiser way. But they’re wrong. Because I believe in karma. I believe that’s why I sleep well at night.

I normally got home from work drained by those toxic people. But I decided to pull myself up, to save a little positive energy for myself. Thinking of my family, my loved ones, the ones who are truly care for me.

I decided to draw a straight line today, that “C is not my friend and will not be my friend” even though I’ve been trying to forget and forgive all the times she stabs me in my back just so she can look better. I will stop wonder why she has to be like that because it’s not my job anymore to wonder and to be sad about it. Friendship is not a one-way road. I will not allow people to take advantage of my kindness. I choose to be kind, I choose to be nice because that’s what my parents taught me. Because that’s my nature. I don’t fake. But I am not stupid, I see through your shady moves and bad intentions. I can read you like read a book but unfortunately you’re a bad one so that I won’t waste my time on it.

I am gonna just be me. Work hard, be kind, be nice, go home, eat well, sleep well, love and be loved by family. Enjoy my life.

It’s easier said than done because I always feel like a tree 🌳 who only wants to be still and peaceful but the winds never stop shaking the tree! Fuck those annoying bitchy winds. 😤 Haha

Leave work by the front door!

Home! Family is everything I should care for! ☮

Positive thoughts for my own: Christmas is coming, it’s my favorite time of the year ❤ (minus all the year-end bills, adult life 😪). And I am going to see my big family soon. 🥰

Looking forward to Christmas 🎄 😀 😊

Life is like a circle. When we complete the circle, we’re back to the start.

Cherish the moments now before they become a memory

I remember when I was a kid, my mom always told me “Time waits for no one, you have to learn to value every minutes you have before they’re gone.” I only listened but it was like a lemon tree to me, I was like “okay mom but I have plenty of time.” and I was always thinking to myself “I can’t wait to grow up…to be an adult, to have house and money of my own.”

Over 30-years old now, still want to live the youth, still want to be the kid. Life just hit different throughout the stages.

Life is like a circle with different stages. When we complete the circle, we’re back to the start.