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So who sold Africans as slave?

The answer is other Africans.

Slavery is a very subject in U.S.A but really? We need to learn and respect history.

U.S.A is not the significant port for slave ships. There were so many ports/ main ports in those European countries. And enslaved Africans were not considered human to other Africans or other tribes. Africans had their own system and they enslaved and sold their own people. Slavery is a crime. But we learned from it. Before we continue to hate our history or our nation, please think again, without all of those tragedies in the past, if enslaved Africans were not sold to U.S, would we have our Black Americans in America ever? American is a country of diversity – a country of colors and freedom – if not – look around you – we have black/white/brown/yellow – our people, our friends with all different origins. I am sorry that slavery happened, but I am glad it happened and we fought against it so that we have our America now. Don’t be afraid of differences, racism happens everywhere. It’s not about your skin color. For example in Vietnam, you thought because everyone is Vietnamese and looks the same so that we don’t hate each other? No, the Northern Vietnamese people hate the Southern Vietnamese people, and the people from the Middle of Vietnam only help their own people. Diversity is everywhere. But in U.S.A, we makes it special and that is the beauty of our nation. Please don’t allow the corrupt education system of the swamp monsters control your children’s mindset and teach them to hate their own nation. Young adults nowadays are full of hate and entitlement. They were taught to hate their nation, their history. All the BS they learned became strings for the corrupt politicians to control them and mine benefit from them.

Remember, all of those politicians out there, who pay them? We do! We pay taxes which goes to their pockets! So who will benefit more when the citizens become stupid and agree to pay more taxes? Please wake up!