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Obama’s 3rd term and its true color of Communism

The Biden Oligarchs Secretly Running America | Glenn TV

Who pay taxes? Us, all of us.

We pay taxes, our votes are our voices to set up a government who will represent for us. But that’s not how Communist government works. In communist country, the police, military are there to protect the corrupt government and the big rich people – not the citizens. That’s why they don’t want anyone to know about politics, guns, religions, freedom of speech, rights to bear arms, all of those are the threats to communist government because the more we know about all of those – basic citizen’s powerful rights – the less secured for their power to stay in the government for life to pocket and benefit themselves with the citizen’s tax money.

And here they are, rooted and started to shed leaves and pollens in U.S.A. This is now the democracy that our founding fathers fought to declare the independence of America.

What is democracy? – Democracy is a form of government in which the people have the authority to choose their governing legislators.

And that is not what is happening in USA now. What is happening in USA? A corrupt party cheated in federal elections to take over the power – that they built deep root under 8 yrs of Obama – from a patriotic business man who has served his country and his people for free over 4 yrs – who is called a clown according to the bullying political parties and big techs because that same guy has exposed the communist evils and their corruptions to his beloved citizens.

These corrupt politicians and their media dogs have been trying shamelessly to make sure Trump look bad on news and everywhere to brainwash another generations. Obama did brainwashed the whole generations before for 8 yrs. To brainwash a generation is not that hard nowadays, they don’t need to talk about political or economic issues because those are too much for the young people, all they need to do is using gender cards, victim cards, racism cards, sexism cards, equality cards and bam they have a whole punch of brain dead puppets with the slogan “Trump is racist”. Don’t ask them to explain for their own statement or they will call you racist too.

And don’t forget the blame game.

The pandemic is like a gift from God to these corrupt democRATs:

And also creating a hero for the idiots to fight for justice and then blaming it on Trump too should help some more:

After creating a hero and punches of chaos, don’t forget to throw shit on your enemy’s hands. Beautiful finish move.

A young beautiful Air Force Veteran was killed and called rioter at the Capitol Hill – Nobody talks about it?!

Now their puppet – a dementia president – will sign as many executive orders as possible before they can use the 25th Amendment to dump this useless dementia guy out of office with tons of presidential retirement money of course and then bring Kamala up then continue to elect Michelle Obama as vice president. It will go round and a round, make sure all the communist family members get to eat their buffet on people’s tax money.

It’s heartbreaking and sad to continue this topic about our America. Soon the communism will be our only choice!

Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption: The Impact on U.S. Government Policy and Related Concerns

The Democrat party is really the American Communist Party. I don’t care what they say, I watch what they do.

Capitalism does not kill the environment, ignorance does!

What gives politicians, scientists, activists, and “the elite” the right to decide who lives and who dies?

Loving the environment is a good thing.

Teach our kids to love and to protect our planet is good.

But this young girl does not know what is she talking about?

“We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth,” said climate activist and Time magazine person-of-the-year Greta Thunberg before the United Nations in the summer of 2019. “How dare you!”

Wow, that seems deep. But only for shallow minded to endorse a kid to say this.

Environmental debate vs economic debate are so much different to start off with.

Has this girl work ever labored in her life? Laboring is not like you sell girl scout cookies or lemonade or activist/protester.

Does she know kids her age in the development countries have to work underage, underpaid, overtime to scrap for a living, to survive?

Life is not all about money, I agree. My life goal is not about being a billionaire or millionaire. I do not care about money. I want my family to be happy and healthy, and in the end of the day, all I need is to work hard to pay for what I make me happy. We all need income for paying bills, for doctor visits, for clothes, for foods, basic life needs.

Kids in America are seriously spoiled. They may have a job at 16 yrs old but they do not know the real meaning of laboring. They grew up with all shoes/clothes/foods and endorse Socialism. Do you know even know what Socialism is? Don’t you see millions of people fleeing their communist/socialist countries to be in USA for a better chances – capitalism? They don’t just flee their countries for fun.

If Socialism works, why don’t the whole world move to those countries to live but are instead moving to USA?

And do you have any ideas for being poor? Growing up in a slums? Scrapping for a living? Struggling daily just to keep to have something in your stomach so that you can keep on working/fighting for survival? Struggling to have clothes just to cover yourself and to stay warm.

Before you talk about “what food do you like?” “what clothes do you like?” those poor people they don’t have that fancy choices, they talk about “what food I can afford?” “what clothes I can afford?”

Workers – in a coffee shop in Vung Tau, Viet Nam – are throwing bags of garbage into the oceans

And for those poor people who are suffering in the yucky socialism economic system of their yucky communist/socialist countries, go ask them about how much they care about environment? They can’t afford time and thoughts for those fancy topics because they’re too poor and tired to surviving their lives let alone thinking of others’ lives. Those people normally are selfish, low awareness – for what I saw as I was born and grew up in one of those poor countries – but to them, they don’t care.

I grew up hating those people, I think they are killing the world. But then I started to have a job, I started to labor, day by day, I seem to see where they come from. I still don’t agree with their behavior like tossing trash in the ocean, littering, no garbage classifying, trash/bottles/plastics to the oceans. But I believe that if their countries provide better economic opportunities, if they can live a life like how we live in USA, we can start to sit down and discuss environmental care with them.

35 million people rely on the Citarum river on the island of Java, Indonesia, but it has become a toxic river of waste.

So, in short, that young activist girl and all the people behind her are very ridiculous to me for saying Capitalism kills the environment.

Get yourself some education, read more, do more research, get more degrees, get a job, get a career, where you can be helpful for the society, where you can make an impact. You have a choice. And the choice is yours. Be the change you want to see. Don’t just live in the shallow with all your ridiculous judgmental opinions and ask the world to rotate the way you want. Don’t be silly!

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