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This IS communism! This is NOT Democratic nor Republican!

Even if Trump will not sit in the White House in the next 4 years. He will still be my president. Million thanks to him to fighting hard for our constitution and for the democracy of the USA. Million thanks to him for his significant hard work to expose the true communist color of those evils who wearing the mask of Democratic party as well as all the RINO who sold their souls for powers.

Wake up.

They are taking away your freedom of speech as they have been taking away freedom of religions for allowing their “protester” to burn down churches.

They tried to take away our guns too.

Don’t you see it? Don’t you see where this is all going to?

Next thing you will see is that they want to make their party is the only huge/giant/ the best party. And if you ask otherwise, there go your unknown death (must be Covid if it happened in 2020 or 2021). This IS communism! This is not Democratic nor Republican. This IS becoming where I grew up, where I fled away for freedom. We all come to USA for freedom. Please fight for your dream land. Don’t let the communism roots grow any deeper in our form of government!

Please be brave!

Communism is a lie!!!
Socialism/Communism is where poverty happens and freedom ends!

When social medias are playing God

Social medias were supposed to be a stool/an app to serve the users. But in the last 4 years, they have been playing God. Are they seeing themselves above the law? Are they beyond and above the U.S constitution? Their censorship policy and fact checker are their weapon to manipulate and to silence the users who are not support their party/ their power/ their positions.

And just because you voted for Biden, or just because you hate Trump, does not mean you should allow this ridiculous act to happen. Remember if we allow the cheaters/ the evils win one time, they will not stop, they will continue to expand their power and to crush your civil rights under their profit.

Even a 14 years old kid who did not involve in political got suspended just because his father is being bullied. This is not an act of American. This is shameful!

We need to support and protect the only one man who has been fighting for our rights! And just because he fought for us, he exposed the demons, he exposed the corruption, now they are trying to silence him.

God bless president Trump and his family.

Former first lady demands to suspend all Trump’s social medias permanently