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Tax Law is created by Congress, not by the IRS

Just sitting here and reading some social media posts makes me laugh when I read about, “Oh you should go after the IRS…  It is the IRS’ fault… IRS this… IRS that…”

Stop just a few minutes here and think about it.   Who creates tax laws?  Who then votes certain bills to make such a tax become a law?   IT is Congress itself.  Not the IRS. The IRS has to “enforce” the tax laws passed by such Congress in order to collect the taxes THAT CONGRESS created and voted for and therefore passed to become a law – that then affects the local US Citizens.

It is very similar in comparison to judges and even supreme court justices… local, state and federal officials create(s) and pass(es) laws… Then it is up to the people in law enforcement (local police, Sheriffs, lawyers, judges, supreme court judges, etc.) to interpret and apply such law to each individual case.

Oh, but of course – the regular citizen, regular folks don’t even seem to bother to understand the above. And just attack the people who are trying to enforce the laws (again I say) created by and passed by “elected officials”.

Here is where I want to visually show everyone what our current Federal Income Tax System looks like when we pay our file and pay our taxes every April 15th (each year). Courtesy of Nerdwallet.

2021-2022 Tax Brackets and Federal Income Tax Rates:

I want to refer back to my previous blog simply explaining the “Laffer Curve”. This blog was posted back on January 11, 2021.

Tax Rates – The Laffer Curve

Our current Federal Tax system is a progressive tax system just by looking at the tax rates above from Nerd Wallet. They basically took it directly from the IRS website and obviously is confirmed by Congress. It looks complicated, right? Because Congress made it complicated.

Again, Congress has made these tax laws.

I mean if you want another source here’s the tax rate table / tax schedule from T. Rowe Price…

IRS Tax Rate Schedules – T.Rowe Price

The Federal Income tax was made via the 16th amendment back in 1913 – “Passed by Congress on July 2, 1909, and ratified February 3, 1913, the 16th amendment established Congress’s right to impose a Federal income tax.

We all pay taxes one way or another… Whether it be through sales taxes, property taxes, estate taxes, federal income taxes, local taxes, state income taxes… That would be another whole discussion topic on it’s own – a Pandora’s box if you will.

Here’s my questions to you:

1 – Since we all pay taxes (one way shape or form) would you still want a ‘progressive federal income tax’ or a ‘flat tax’?

2 – Again, is it the IRS’ fault that our tax system is the way it is or is it Congress who made the actual laws for these taxes?

Visually here’s what a flat tax would look like versus the other Federal Income Tax table I showed to you, up above.

House of Representatives approves bill to make Washington D.C. a state… Thoughts?

I’m sure quite of you now have seen or heard the recent news about the House of Reps approving the bill and passing this bill in their level to make Washington D.C. a state.

Daily Wire – House Democrats Pass Bill To Make Washington, D.C., The 51st State

The Hill – House approves bill to make DC a state

NPR – House Democrats Pass Bill To Make D.C. The 51st State

Reuters – U.S. House passes bill to make Washington, D.C., the 51st state

Why? Here’s my thoughts. The democratic party wants…NEEDS more votes for future elections ergo reasoning behind in trying to make Washington D.C. the 51st state in the United States. What then? It’s already leaning towards making an amendment to the U.S. Constitution, particularly the 23rd amendment that bars Washington D.C. from becoming a state, if it goes their way.

Feels more in their direction to holding onto their power and control of the Federal Government. It’s so political and gotten corrupt way from the get-go. I do not want these very progressive and liberal thinkers to overtake (for a lack of a better term) power and control of our Federal Government. I prefer the checks & balances, the balance of powers to be in place. Not for one particular party to be over-powering everything.

As I’m thinking of these out loud… What one party has ever been successful in “ruling”? Sounds very similar to becoming a socialistic / communistic aspect here. I hate to say it, but I’m becoming more weary of what’s been going on and do not like how our country is headed down towards. Again, these are just my thoughts and I’m seeing things becoming more apparent like it’s literally in front of us – slapping us in the face. However, so many people here in the United States are so filled up with the divisiveness, hatred, racial tensions, etc. People lack logical intelligence and straight up respond emotionally and irrationally. You really have to thank our politicians who keep adding the oil to the fire than rather doing what they’re supposed to be doing. They have one job… do it properly. Oh, but of course not. They want to keep us divided in order to keep themselves in office. That’s their play.

Here’s the link to the actual bill – H.R. 51:

H.R.51 – Washington, D.C. Admission Act

And if prefer the PDF here it is:

H.R. 1319 – From 117th Congress – “American Rescue Plan Act of 2021”

So the media is drawing much attention on how this bill that is the upcoming “COVID Relief Bill” with the $1,400 stimulus payments to individuals and $2,800 to married couples (with certain income limitations) is a slap in the face to the American citizens.

NPR – Here’s What’s In The American Rescue Plan

NBC News – Congress passes $1.9T Covid relief bill, with $1,400 checks, in major win for Biden

I love how some of these news outlets / mass media outlets create the titles for their articles. It’s hilarious, to me.

Why do I think this is a slap in the face to us? Well, for one it’s a 628 page bill – if converted to PDF. And stop calling it a “COVID Relief Bill”. I have attached the PDF version of the passed bill below to your viewing:

It was just passed and heading towards the President’s desk for signature. I won’t be surprised if he signs it… Of this 628, it was way too much to take in… No wonder members of Congress makes these bills ridiculously long and lengthy to read because NO ONE will read it to its entirety!

Here’s some things that I saw that caught my eye and made me wonder… How is this a “necessary” amount (needed in the bill) to “help”?

Because they need these funds for… what… exactly?
I’m not entirely sure why $3.75 billion is needed to fight HIV/AIDS… But a Global Fund?

Now why is that the United States have to “pay” or “fund” some countries? Let’s take a look at the citation they referenced for the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 – 22 U.S.C 2346…

We are sending money to Lebanon, still?
What about these other countries?

You know what I’ve noticed? The two media outlets I cited at the beginning – don’t even mention “foreign aid” or “foreign assistance”. They’ve just only highlighted what is going to the American people/citizens.

I mean, honestly speaking here… The total bill that was just passed by both houses of Congress is $1.9 Trillion… that’s $1,900,000,000,000. And let’s just say that we are a total, roughly, population in the United States of American – Citizens of about 335,000,000 (335 million). Give or take several. And say that about 15% is not eligible to receive a stimulus check, right? So in my simple example, let’s say that only about 284,750,000 get a stimulus. Let’s say the $1,400 is for each of these 284,750,000 people, that only = $398,650,000,000. That’s ONLY $398 BILLION.

So it makes me wonder and I hope you think about it as well, in this “great” bill that was just passed… What else is in this $1.9 Trillion dollar bill?

On a final note that I want to end my blog on this – because again – is a lot to read through… This caught my eye:

Why is there $35 million going to a private university and SPECIFICALLY THIS ONE, only?

Just take a look at the list of “notable alumni” from this university in particular. It’s easy – GOOGLE it. This just makes me wonder, why is there a specific allocation of funds to this particular private university? Again a PRIVATE university. Could there be some possible influence? I don’t know… That is for you to decide.

Private universities (and private colleges) are usually not operated by governments, although many receive tax breaks, public student loans, and grants. Depending on their location, private universities may be subject to government regulation. This is in contrast to public universities and national universities.

All Members of Congress must have Term Limits.

I agree with Ted Cruz that there should be a Congressional amendment for having term limits for all members of Congress. It is ridiculous to see how long some of these individuals are still continuing to “serve” the people who voted for them in Congress. Well, I will disagree that some people believe that there are “term limits” – if we vote them out of their position whether they’re serving as a member of Congress or a Senator. But you do realize if they are voted out, they can still be voted back in another time, right?

Well let’s see who has been a member of Congress for a LONG time, here are a few examples and still currently serving: Hal Rogers since 1981, Steny Hamilton Hoyer since 1981, Chris Smith since 1981, Nancy Pelosi since 1987, Fred Upton since 1987, Chuck Schumer since 1981, Frank Pallone since 1988, Diane Feinstein since 1992, Jerry Nadler since 1993, Maxine Waters since 1991, and the names continue on…

So yes, please let us introduce a bill to impose term limits on all members of Congress. I mean Congress has ratified the 22nd Amendment to impose term limits on U.S. Presidents back in 1951. Of course this was in response to Franklin Roosevelt winning four consecutive terms in the White House, back then. So why can’t they then or now, even, impose term limits on themselves? Here’s my thought on that… They enjoy having the power in their hands and the greed. Yes, do not forget that our members of Congress are being paid for the “work” they’re doing. Whatever actual work they’re doing is beyond me as a “politician”. Curious to wonder what the salary is for a member of Congress?


Executive Order 13970 of December 31, 2020, Adjustments of Certain Rates of Pay. Executive Order for 2021 Pay Schedules.

It is truly mind-boggling.

In 2020, Congress proposed gun bills H.R. 5717 and S.3254

So the orator in the video does a great job breaking down and highlighting important pieces of this ridiculous bill introduced in Congress. The bill itself was introduced last year on January 2020. But I haven’t seen any updates to it so I’m assuming (my gut feeling) that it has been shot down (pun intended). This bill (includes variety of things) is 260 pages long if converted to a PDF file.

H.R.5717 – Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020

This section was included in the proposed H.R. 5717 bill.
At the 5:44 minute mark in the video, the secure gun storage.
This section 601 was included in the proposed H.R. 5717 bill.
Tax imposition on purchasing firearms, in the proposed bill H.R. 5717

It really is ridiculous. How disconnected are these people we voted to represent us in Congress? Pretty badly disconnected. I do want to point out the main sponsor of the H.R. 5717 bill was Representative Henry “Hank” C. Johnson from Georgia. IF you do not recall from back then, I really got a great laugh AT him because he believed that Guam would tip over or capsize. However, he later stated it was a joke. I’ll let you decide if you believe he was joking or not. It did not look like that to me in the video below. I do give the Admiral praise in responding with a straight face… I wouldn’t be able to do that. Well, did you know Guam is a “floating island”…? NOT!

However, another bill was then introduced by Senator Elizabeth Warren – S.3254. This bill is VERY SIMILAR to the H.R. 5717. I think she was trying to re-introduce the bill to see if it can be passed. My goodness.

S.3254 – Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020

Here’s a continuation of my thoughts… All these “gun bills” and “gun bans” literally HURT law abiding citizens here in the United States. Again, I repeat – LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS. Let me clarify for you, criminals DO NOT care for any law. They will, by any means necessary, attain a firearm and/or weapon however they wish. I’m just stating it plainly… If a criminal knows you’re vulnerable – they will take advantage of you – no matter what the cost.

Here’s a few more good videos about “buy back” programs – I laugh at this notion and what the Australians have warned the United States citizens about.

Protect our 2nd amendment rights among our other rights – I literally believe that our founding fathers of this nation – United States of America – were the wisest and genuine men in their days when they created the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They foresaw the future and knew these rights would be tested time and time again.