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In 2020, Congress proposed gun bills H.R. 5717 and S.3254

So the orator in the video does a great job breaking down and highlighting important pieces of this ridiculous bill introduced in Congress. The bill itself was introduced last year on January 2020. But I haven’t seen any updates to it so I’m assuming (my gut feeling) that it has been shot down (pun intended). This bill (includes variety of things) is 260 pages long if converted to a PDF file.

H.R.5717 – Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020

This section was included in the proposed H.R. 5717 bill.
At the 5:44 minute mark in the video, the secure gun storage.
This section 601 was included in the proposed H.R. 5717 bill.
Tax imposition on purchasing firearms, in the proposed bill H.R. 5717

It really is ridiculous. How disconnected are these people we voted to represent us in Congress? Pretty badly disconnected. I do want to point out the main sponsor of the H.R. 5717 bill was Representative Henry “Hank” C. Johnson from Georgia. IF you do not recall from back then, I really got a great laugh AT him because he believed that Guam would tip over or capsize. However, he later stated it was a joke. I’ll let you decide if you believe he was joking or not. It did not look like that to me in the video below. I do give the Admiral praise in responding with a straight face… I wouldn’t be able to do that. Well, did you know Guam is a “floating island”…? NOT!

However, another bill was then introduced by Senator Elizabeth Warren – S.3254. This bill is VERY SIMILAR to the H.R. 5717. I think she was trying to re-introduce the bill to see if it can be passed. My goodness.

S.3254 – Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020

Here’s a continuation of my thoughts… All these “gun bills” and “gun bans” literally HURT law abiding citizens here in the United States. Again, I repeat – LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS. Let me clarify for you, criminals DO NOT care for any law. They will, by any means necessary, attain a firearm and/or weapon however they wish. I’m just stating it plainly… If a criminal knows you’re vulnerable – they will take advantage of you – no matter what the cost.

Here’s a few more good videos about “buy back” programs – I laugh at this notion and what the Australians have warned the United States citizens about.

Protect our 2nd amendment rights among our other rights – I literally believe that our founding fathers of this nation – United States of America – were the wisest and genuine men in their days when they created the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They foresaw the future and knew these rights would be tested time and time again.

Big Tech and corrupt parties are bleeding Amercia just to secure their power

Brief on the USA right now:

They – the Big Brothers and their corrupt pets – are sending millions to foreign country in the name of “Help Act” but trust me, none of my relatives in Vietnam have received anything from the government for Covid help so far. So where has the money gone? Into the pockets of corrupt corporations and people like Hunter Biden or so?! Into the pockets of the Communism party who have their children living a fancy life in USA without having to work a day in life?!

They wanted to destroy Trump’s wall and open up the border but at the same time sending billions to the middle East countries to help them build wall to secure their borders and protect them from terrorists. What about Americans? Who will protect us? TRUMP has been fighting to protect our borders, to secure our country’s safety for the last 4 years but at the same time, despite his works, the swamp and its BLM, ANTIFA have been creating chaos, riots which I consider domestic terrorists. But they were left alone. They called it civil rights.

They were so glad that the pandemic happened under Trump’s administration. So that they used all of their possible manipulations to create chaos, fear, economy destruction just to make Trump look as bad as possible.

They allowed the looters and riots to do whatever they have to do to destroy cities and churches so they can create the worst looking America as possible. They planned to allow the protesters who carried no weapons to get into the Capitol Hill and then shot them dead just to create another show to make sure Trump is in the corner now.

They claim they respect civil rights but mute our President where he is still the president. The whole country bullied a man out of hate!

They blame everything on one man. How ridiculous but the most ridiculous thing is that many people out there – mostly the whole generation – allows it to happen, allows the media to abuse their president. Just because they are manipulated to hate on their president.

It is so sad.

It’s like when we were in high school, where one kid got beaten up and then the whole crowd started to join in and bullied that one kid just because they can. Just because they are crowded, they don’t even think, they just enjoyed it to entertain themselves.

The whole country betrayed their president out of hate.

A president who has been working hard days and nights receiving 0 cents as salary to serve his country out of patriotism. If you don’t think he is patriot, give me another reason why he has to run for the office and serve these entitled brats when he’s already a billionaire? Tell me? Tell me if you can work for free? Tell me if Nancy Pelosi, Biden, Obama and those corrupt fuckers ever or will be ever working for free? Or they have been sucking blood from our tax money for many decades? Over 40 yrs being the voice of the people, buying fancy stuff, what have they really done? Did they lose their jobs when they demanded a shutdown? Or it’s the labor class, the people who voted for them suffer unemployment and hunger? Did they really care? Do they really care?

All that these evils want, is to make Trump look like a villain because he has exposed too much of the truth which can harm their chairs, positions and their power.

And sadly, many young people out there who don’t work, still enjoy being dependent, said they voted for Biden. They don’t vote for Biden because they know what is his policy. They only vote Biden because according to the media, they hate Trump. There are some in my family too.

But the game has just begun. This time we won’t be silenced. We won’t just sit still and watch those idiots ruin our constitution, ruin our America.

Please be a proud and loud patriot. Educate your sisters, brothers, children to love their country. To learn from the past and create a better present and future. Teach them about our constitution and how it helps to protect our basic rights.