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Bizarre “elected president” inauguration

A president who did not need to work much on running.

A president whose inauguration needs troop to protect him from the citizens.

A president who gets dislikes more than likes.

A president who was never elected from the citizens.

This is a cheater who voted by dead people/ghosts/machines and now having an inauguration in the dark behind the curtain under the table.

Shady shady!


Hypocrisy at its core

I remember…

When liberals stormed the Texas Capitol by the tens of thousands.

Trashed the Capitol and the grounds around it.

They disrupted the legislative process on purpose.

Assaulted law enforcement.

Exposed their breasts.

Defecated in plastic bags to throw at legislators.

Chanted “Hail Satan” in the rotunda.

Harassed and threatened staffers….

What did the left do?

They celebrated it as a victory.

Labeled it a win “for the people.”

And elevated those encouraging the behavior as heroes.

Then they used it as a national fundraising tool.

Launched a multi year plan to turn Texas blue.

Never forget their hypocrisy and dedication to fundamentally changing our country.

Source: Jonathan Stickland