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Bombing in Syria and article from Learning from Justice about Dr. Seuss

Granted this is about a 44 ~ 45 minute show. However, here’s an interesting thing they’ve pointed out in the show that stuck out to me more… The host mentioned about “Learning for Justice“. I visited their website and it makes me go hmm..

They’ve written an article back in May 2019 about Dr. Seuss and his books. Stating in their article that, “In light of a new study revealing stereotyped characters across Dr. Seuss’s children’s books, published just before Read Across America Day, how can educators engage older students in a critical discussion of this canonical author?”

My personal opinion is that this is far reaching… It’s like these people are literally and on purpose searching for racism. There I said it. Social justice warriors are at it, yet again. But how is it REALLY helping? Like you are turning over every rock and looking into every nook and cranny to find a hint of racism… My question is “Why?” And “Who cares?” If you don’t talk about it any more – it will disappear. It’s like repeating something that you don’t want to hear – but it’s constantly there because everyone is constantly harping on it.

How are YOU oppressed? Are YOU oppressed? What is it that IS OPPRESSING you? I”m honestly asking these questions and they are valid questions.

I digressed… Back to the article: “It’s Time to Talk about Dr. Seuss” I converted it to a PDF to be downloadable below.

So far… I’ve seen that these people on the far left are so detached it’s really mind boggling. Last year they went after statues and/or monuments – lest we forget that ever happened. Oh wait, it did happen in 2020! Remember?

Not only did they go after confederate monuments, they went after places of worship, religious statues and figures…

And now they’re after books… Where does it end? Doesn’t this sound very similar that’s happened in history? OR did any of you learn history through a “white-washed” version of history where you did not even know Adolf Hitler, things that took place in World War II? Or even the Holocaust?

Be careful what you wish for… books may disappear in the near future – not an actual book burning but a digital removal or confiscation of books where we can not access any of them… I pray for all of us that we DO NOT REPEAT history.

WATCH the Left Incite Violence More Times Than You Can Count

At the 2:00 minute mark. Glen makes sense about being worried and questioning who made this?

I definitely agree with Glenn, to be worrying that finger pointing will happen again – and this will set it up for another conspiracy theory. And that no one will no the actual truth anymore. What is truth the now?

His fore shadowing and past warnings has been spot on… And I don’t blame him for being worried about what may come next.

Please pray for peace and protection for everyone. That everyone calms down thinks with a level head and not with emotion.

Irrational actions results with severe consequences.

At the 6:28 minute mark – very eye opening when the left and mainstream media keep stating that our current President has “incited” violence… When the left, media and celebrities themselves have been doing it continuously and never ever got in trouble for it!

It’s the hypocrisy and double standards yet again.