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Are guns the problem?

What is the actual definition of a “device”?
It is a NOUN – “a thing made or adapted for a particular purpose, especially a piece of mechanical or electronic equipment.”

What is the actual definition of a “tool”?
Here it is – NOUN – “a device or implement, especially one held in the hand, used to carry out a particular function.”

Anything CAN be a tool from a shovel, saw, hammer, wrench, knife, gun, bat, crowbar, sword, pencil, pen, sickle, etc.

The above I mentioned, also, can be a weapon if it is utilized for that SPECIFIC PURPOSE TO BE A WEAPON.  As it can be used for another purpose OTHER THAN a weapon.

Where am I going at this, you wonder?  Clear your mind with all bias and just use the basic common sense and logic here. That is all I ask… and after you have read this blog, YOU DECIDE FOR YOURSELF and without the biases of all the main stream media (MSM) out there in what THEY’RE TELLING YOU HOW it should look or be like.

All the items I listed are inanimate objects. Inanimate – “not alive, especially not in the manner of animals and humans. Showing no sign of life, is lifeless.”

So a gun with nobody holding it or behind it, is an inanimate object. Similarly, a bat, knife, car, bicycle, motorcycle, crowbar, hammer, saw, wrench, pen, and pencil are all inanimate objects. These objects do not choose to hurt nor kill a thing.

It is THE individual behind such tool/device/inanimate object noted.

So when you hear on the mainstream media that “guns kill people”. Think about it… the gun by itself cannot kill or hurt someone if it is just sitting on the desk, floor, table, etc. It is the person behind the object, holding the object, brandishing the object utilizing it to do the actual harm. How is this any different from someone being stabbed by a knife? How is it any different from someone being beaten to death by a bat? Or a shovel? Or a crowbar? I can go on.

Regardless of any one’s beliefs it all comes down to… What and why did that person want to cause harm to another? Anybody can die from a stab wound or blunt force trauma to their head by a bat, shovel, wrench, car, etc.

However, what is politicized the most and blasted all over main stream media = guns. Guns are bad, guns should be banned, more background checks, universal background checks, etc, etc.

As I mentioned before in my prior blog posts… Any criminal (does not matter what kind) if they want to do harm, they will use any means necessary to do it. They do not care to follow the law, it’s why they choose to be a criminal. And any criminal will find a way to find any tool/device to be their weapon of choice. You think a criminal will follow the law? Nope.

Take a step back and sit outside of your “comfort zone”. Honestly speaking, no one state is perfect and have no crime(s) committed at all. The analyses below are on the “reported crimes” that I am able to research and find:

Annual Reported Crime Report for 2018 from Chicago Police Department
Annual Reported Crime Report for 2019 from Chicago Police Department

The annual reports from the Chicago Police Department were pulled directly from their website: Annual Reports – Chicago Police Department

Annual Reported Crime Report for 2018 from Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
Annual Reported Crime Report for 2019 from Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Even the criminals in this video stated that they’ll carry or find a gun regardless of the law(s).

The city of Kennesaw, Georgia has passed an ordinance where it would require (but not necessarily enforce) residents in the city of Kennesaw to own a firearm. Chapter 34 – CIVIL EMERGENCIES ARTICLE II. – FIREARMS

Other cities I noted have similar laws / ordinances passed to Kennesaw, Georgia. To name a couple that have similar gun ordinances passed – city of Virgin, Utah and city of Gun Barrel City, Texas.

The Gun Barrel City has passed a resolution where residents can own a gun (but not enforced):

The reports are lengthy. And again these only show “reported crimes”. However, after looking at these reports… Are “guns” really the problem as our politicians constantly repeat that old tune and portray them as such?

Or is it mainly a criminal problem, where again, any criminal (does not matter what kind) if they want to do harm, they will use any means necessary to do it.

Media now reporting Biden calling to act on “common sense” gun law and Bill H.R 127 introduced on 1/4/2021.

So this blog adds on to my previous blogs back in January 2021:

“Australian Gun Owners Warning to America”

“In 2020, Congress proposed gun bills H.R. 5717 and S.3254”

I recently stumbled upon various media outlets indicating that President Biden is now calling out to the elected members of the legislature to act on “common sense” gun law, all today, February 14, 2021:

Epoch Times – Biden Calls on Congress to Restrict Gun Ownership

USA Today – ‘The time to act is now’: White House commemorates Parkland shooting, calls for action on gun safety

Excerpt from USA Today article – “…Today, I am calling on Congress to enact commonsense gun law reforms, including requiring background checks on all gun sales, banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and eliminating immunity for gun manufacturers who knowingly put weapons of war on our streets,” the White House declared…

Aljazeera – Biden calls for “commonsense” gun laws on Parkland anniversary

One bill was already introduced as H.R. 127 as of January 4, 2021. The sponsor of this H.R. 127 bill was Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX-18):

So far if the bill was converted to a PDF it is 19 pages:

So I looked over the Bill H.R. 127 and it is quite a doozy. Under the Section 932 they are identifying: Firearm registration and ammunition possession, registration of firearms, licensing, firearm insurance and penalties if these are not followed. Yes, you heard me – PENALTIES if you DO NOT have a license to own a firearm and ammunition. Again the full 19 page bill is in the PDF file above. And here are some highlights of what I saw from this bill that was introduced:

Interesting firearm insurance – so would this be a yearly fee?
These are some pretty HEFTY penalty amounts

So in addition to what I’ve noted above here are some interesting time of events/tweets/videos/posts – what have you… to put these media articles (at the beginning of this blog) into perspective…

The Biden Plan to End Our Gun Violence Epidemic

I converted the above website into a PDF document:

In 2020, Congress proposed gun bills H.R. 5717 and S.3254

So the orator in the video does a great job breaking down and highlighting important pieces of this ridiculous bill introduced in Congress. The bill itself was introduced last year on January 2020. But I haven’t seen any updates to it so I’m assuming (my gut feeling) that it has been shot down (pun intended). This bill (includes variety of things) is 260 pages long if converted to a PDF file.

H.R.5717 – Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020

This section was included in the proposed H.R. 5717 bill.
At the 5:44 minute mark in the video, the secure gun storage.
This section 601 was included in the proposed H.R. 5717 bill.
Tax imposition on purchasing firearms, in the proposed bill H.R. 5717

It really is ridiculous. How disconnected are these people we voted to represent us in Congress? Pretty badly disconnected. I do want to point out the main sponsor of the H.R. 5717 bill was Representative Henry “Hank” C. Johnson from Georgia. IF you do not recall from back then, I really got a great laugh AT him because he believed that Guam would tip over or capsize. However, he later stated it was a joke. I’ll let you decide if you believe he was joking or not. It did not look like that to me in the video below. I do give the Admiral praise in responding with a straight face… I wouldn’t be able to do that. Well, did you know Guam is a “floating island”…? NOT!

However, another bill was then introduced by Senator Elizabeth Warren – S.3254. This bill is VERY SIMILAR to the H.R. 5717. I think she was trying to re-introduce the bill to see if it can be passed. My goodness.

S.3254 – Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020

Here’s a continuation of my thoughts… All these “gun bills” and “gun bans” literally HURT law abiding citizens here in the United States. Again, I repeat – LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS. Let me clarify for you, criminals DO NOT care for any law. They will, by any means necessary, attain a firearm and/or weapon however they wish. I’m just stating it plainly… If a criminal knows you’re vulnerable – they will take advantage of you – no matter what the cost.

Here’s a few more good videos about “buy back” programs – I laugh at this notion and what the Australians have warned the United States citizens about.

Protect our 2nd amendment rights among our other rights – I literally believe that our founding fathers of this nation – United States of America – were the wisest and genuine men in their days when they created the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They foresaw the future and knew these rights would be tested time and time again.

“Australian Gun Owners Warning to Americans…”

Well, we haven’t learned from history apparently.

We are supposed to learn from history so we do not repeat it. Apparently we still aren’t and it’s not sticking.

Common sense people, law abiding citizens follow the laws.

Whereas non-law abiding citizens do not. That means they will, by any means necessary, get a gun or firearm or do whatever through ILLEGAL means. These non-law abiding citizens don’t care about you, honestly speaking. If they know you’re vulnerable – they will attack you, harm you, steal from you, rob you, mug you, whatever else that may come to their mind. Bottom line is – they will do and want to cause harm.

Since the gun ban in Australia – the crime rates increased as indicated in the video and percentages noted below…

So yeah, I’d prefer to be able to protect myself and my family against these non-law abiding people who don’t care to follow ANY law.

Who would ever bring a knife to a gun fight?