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What are your thoughts on the “weather” balloon or “spy” balloon?

To quote some text from the book, “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu:

“So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong, and strike at what is weak.”

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

“The whole secret lies in confusing the enemy, so that he cannot fathom our real intent.”

These are just my thoughts as any other individual that blogs about whatever out there in the world. But I hope it strikes up critical conversations and not just repetitive regurgitative nonsense from the mainstream media and everyone is being a parrot in repeating what the media “tells us”.

My thoughts are these… What is not being said in the mainstream media that has people possibly thinking? Let me pose those questions out there to the world. So, I heard over the news radio, that the US intelligence and even possibly NOAA knew that this Chinese balloon (most likely from the government of China and I’m referring to the Communist government of China – not the Chinese people as a whole) was already “floating” or launched on January 31, 2023. But did nothing.

What is the HYSPLIT? Well, it is the “Hybrid Single-Particle Lagrangian Integrated Trajectory” (HYSPLIT) model is a computer model that is used to compute air parcel trajectories to determine how far and in what direction a parcel of air, and subsequently air pollutants, will travel.

Here are some other screen grabs of the “projected pathway of flight” that the balloon was expected to take:

And another projection or the forcasted possible path:

Here’s a news article from Associated Press – White House: Improved surveillance caught Chinese balloon

Why is it that this article is repeating that, “similar flights were conducted at multiple points during the Trump administration.”

Think about it though, was that ever announced or plastered over the mass / main stream media when former President Trump was in office at all? Why, all of a sudden, the “finger pointing” – “Oh but this also happened under Trump.” I don’t ever recall hearing that on the mainstream media AND NOT EVEN ON social media as many people caught this big white balloon floating around the US~!

Really think about it, if these balloons ever did take flight during the former President Trump’s term – social media would be definitely blowing up with pictures, videos, people commenting. And I’m sure the mainstream media would have jumped on it like a “dog in heat” because they loved degrading the former President Trump for anything and everything.

Tell me that wasn’t true – because that’s what I constantly saw the entire time Trump was in office from 2016 through 2020. And I really got sick and tired of it because it was just childish non-sense. Literally nit-picking at every little thing that man did as a President. Honestly, would you have done any better if you were LITERALLY in his shoes as a President or any President’s before? I really want you to think about that. With the 50+ people or only God knows how many you have to talk to while being President – what would you make as a decision that is in the hands and fate of the country that you have to make sure 300 + million people are living in?

Anyway, I sidetracked…

This is the actual path that this particular balloon took flight or “floated”.
“Here’s how close the Chinese spy balloon flew to the U.S. nuclear arsenal. The spy balloon was spotted close to a nuclear missile site, the home of U.S. Strategic Command and the military base that is home to the B-2 stealth bomber.”

The direct screen grab of the actual path was from this news article via NBC – Map: Here’s how close the Chinese spy balloon flew to the U.S. nuclear arsenal

A few things for any of you that read my blog for entertainment purposes or anything else… Based on what I’ve cited above, here’s my personal thoughts. Again, these are my personal thoughts – you may agree or not agree with them. It is perfectly fine. Just want people to think outside of the box and not just hear the things said over and over again on all the media out there…

Apparently according to the military, this weather balloon is carrying equipment the size of two school buses? Biden, at the time, may authorize to shoot down the balloon when it is over a safe impact area when there are not risks to civilian below. OR, do they mean Biden will authorize to shoot it down, when the balloon finishes is military mission of collecting data and intel on military bases in the northern states of the US…?

It is like… We will shoot it down when it’s above nothing and non-populated area. Our air force / military can have or should have the capability to see that balloon where it is at via our satellites. Correct me if I’m wrong.

When this was initially spotted they could have, if it’s over nothing, send a damn missile or even a drone to bring it down. Or if they don’t want to shoot it down, they could have just brought down with a drone like snag onto it like a fishing line or something similar. So, our military can actually do something and reverse engineer whatever was inside or on that “weather balloon”.

But again… the current US administration and President Biden did not act until it was over the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of South Carolina. How convenient.

And they’ve known about this balloon since January 31st when it first launched…. something doesn’t sit right with me on this one. It “floated” over the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, through Canada to how luckily “float” over or close to certain states that had military facilities. My, how convenient.

And the US military and this incompetent administration did what? “Oh, it poses no threat.” Bullshit. It’s literally what the “Art of War” is by Sun Tzu. That’s the game that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is doing: testing to see what Biden will do and how the US will react.

And lastly… why is the actual path very close to the “projected” or “forecasted” pathway presented by NOAA’s HYSPLIT? HYSPLIT models simulate the dispersion and trajectory of substances transported and dispersed through our atmosphere, over local to global scales. IT simulates, think about that. Because the path of the balloon followed the track exactly.

This is a good conversation from one of the news radio that I listen to, from time to time: Mark and Melynda Show

58 Years ago today… and one of the greatest speeches I’ve ever heard.

“…the full power of centralized government. THIS was the very thing the Founding Fathers sought to minimize. They knew that governments don’t control things.

A government can’t control the economy without controlling people. And they know when a government sets out to do that it must use force and coercion to achieve its purpose…”

“When the government tells you, ‘You’re depressed’. Lie down and be depressed…

…So they’re going to solve all the problems of human misery through government and government planning… well now if government planning and welfare had the answer and they had almost 30 years of it shouldn’t we expect government to read the score to us every once in a while?

Shouldn’t they be telling us about the decline each year and the number of people needing help, the reduction of need for public housing? But the REVERSE is true, each year the need grows greater, the program grows greater. We were told 4 years ago that 17 million people went to bed hungry each night, well that’s probably true – they were all on a diet. But NOW we’re told that 9.3 million families in this country are poverty stricken and on the basis of earning less than $3,000 a year. Welfare spending is 10 times greater than it was than the dark depths of the depression. We’re spending $45 billion dollars on Welfare. Now do a little arithmetic, you’ll find that if we divided the $45 billion up equally among those 9 million poor families, we’d be able to give each family $4,600 a year AND this added to their present income should eliminate poverty. DIRECT AID to the poor, however, is running at about $600 per family… Would seem that someplace there must be some OVERHEAD.”

What are your thoughts on the un-announced raid…?

Fox and other media outlets had breaking news about the FBI doing an un-announced raid on Trump’s Mar-A-Lago retreat.

Trump says FBI agents searched his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida

Trump: Mar-a-Lago home ‘under siege, raided, and occupied’ by FBI Agents

F.B.I. Searches Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Residence in Florida

This is the first time in US history that the Feds have ever raided a former US President’s private home after they were President of the US. Scary times and this will truly enrage all freedom loving Americans. Because if they can go after a former US President that has never committed a crime, then they can definitely go after any one of us….

The true beginning of Socialism and dictatorship in our country…

I’m surprised this came out of his tweet/mouth.

If they can Trump up charges against a former president… what can they do to ANY OF US? We should all be paying attention and aware of what’s happening TODAY!

The people who lived through Communism like me should all understand that this is an act of communism.

And Communism is rooted by Socialism which is the base of Democrats in U.S.A.

They cannot afford for Trump to win back in 2024 so that they have to play this dirty card. They’ve always played dirty anyway.

Raided in his private property when he was in New York and found 13 boxes of documents. Can’t you hear it? It’s a bullshit story!

Two different videos on Socialism – Navajo and Venezuela

I’ll start off with these two quotes:

“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have.”  (e.g.  CONTROL) – Gerald Ford

“The problem with Socialism, is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher

Defying a media ban, this reporter goes undercover in the one-time socialist idyll of Venezuela. Now why is that…?

In reference to the video above, for Venezuela:

Hugo Chavez giving a speech in early 2000’s
So Hugo Chavez is basically saying to the general populous… That there is no actual God and that Socialism IS GOD – this is straight out of the Communist Manifesto

Here it is from the actual book written by Karl Marx, himself, “Communist Manifesto” . IT states in the exact book, “…Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality…it therefore acts in contradiction to all past historical experiences…”

Continuing on with the 2nd video about Venezuela —

Local citizens in the basically the barrios interviewed – talking about the current President Nicolas Maduro (Chavez’ successor).

13:55 minute mark – on who to vote – “One’s no better than the other. At this point, we don’t even know who we’re going to vote for.  Now, this country is practically destroyed… They’ve done nothing to make us vote for them. For my part, I would not vote.”

And that is saddening to hear from a citizen in Venezuela, that they lost all faith in their governmental official or people who want to run – that they do not bother to vote.   However, let’s think critically about it… If you don’t vote – the people with the same ideology will continue to run or stay in power and your government will continue on as is and your country will remain the same.

15:00 minute mark – the irony of it all… Venezuelan gov’t says she tried to plot to kill the Venezuelan President… However, caught on camera that the gov’t supporters or officials tried to kill her…

23:48 minute mark – opposition parties staging demonstrations – Some individuals are arrested, put in prison or under house arrest because they are speaking out against the Venezuelan gov’t.  Keep that in mind – that this is not new – it happens in every Socialistic or Communistic gov’t.

Now my question to everyone out there in the United States… are we going down the similar rabbit hole into Socialism –> Communism? Or are we already there and that it’s only going to get much worse? Please think about that.

I do not want our country to deteriorate.

And please try not to be one of the people who’ve I heard say, “Everyone else did it the wrong way.”

Okay, sure let’s try that approach shall we – go ask the people who left Vietnam, who was able to flee North Korea, who left Cuba, who left Venezuela, who left… I can go on and on. And ask them WHY did they leave if “Socialism” and “Communism” is “so good.”

What are fossil fuels used for?

I don’t blog often but I do want to share insight on a lot of things I’ve experienced and observations I’ve seen.

One of many answers to the question in the title of this blog… Plastic is one of the various products made and produced from fossil fuels.

First I want to address the problem that everyone is harping on about plastic… It is up to the USER – again I emphasize the “USER” of the product to do their due diligence and their part in RECYCLING the plastic. “Oh, but it ends up in the landfill!” Well, again I say it is the USER. If the user of such plastic bottle, bag, etc. does not recycle it to where it is supposed to be recycled or put in for recycling then of course it ends up in the landfill or littered around the streets.

Has anyone with the decent mind or have an ounce of critical thinking… thought about that?

Plastic is very versatile and cheap to produce because of technological advances from when it was first produced. Here’s some perspective in your everyday lives that may have slipped your mind because you don’t think about it all the time… Plastic is everywhere that we use… from tubes of toothpaste, toothbrush parts, reusable water bottles, baby bottles, some pacifiers (synthetic plastic polymer), various medical equipment (syringe parts, tubes, IV bags, etc.), computer cases and other computer components, cell phones and their respective cell phone components, in our cars and vehicles (from seats, seat belts, steering wheels, the car body, some of the parts of the car frame, under the hood and parts of the engine, etc.) and the list goes on and on.

Now, where am I trying to get at you will think… Fossil fuels have been around for a LONG time and has been utilized for a LONG time. In my previous blog – The Energy Industry arguments – I emphasized that I am NOT against ANY resource being utilized to provide some type of energy. I’m all for having an availability of options and choices for me and EVERYONE else to freely choose what we all want to use. It is because of the technology we have now is a WHOLE LOT different as it was before and in the past – in utilizing and producing the various products from fossil fuels more effectively and efficiently.

Granted it did not happen over night – it TOOK TIME.

NOT ONLY plastic is derived and created from fossil fuels – other various products are made from the crude oil itself. Crude oil is what they call “black gold.” The crude oil is the raw oil material that is the one extracted from underground – aka the fossil fuel.

And from that particular crude oil is then processed to make all the other products that we use in our everyday lives. And again, as I mentioned earlier, plastic is one of them.

So my thought is that… getting rid of the use of fossil fuels completely is a dumbest idea and naive idea to have that is spoon fed to you by various elitists and so called leaders out there. Going strictly 100% “renewable energy” is also the dumbest idea and naive idea which everyone is spoon fed to believe in, too. That’s what is called “propaganda”.

I’m just saying – It’s not THE SOLUTION.

Again, from my prior blog I mentioned… The Institute for Energy Research (IER) is a not-for-profit organization that conducts intensive research and analysis on the functions, operations, and government regulation of global energy markets. IER believes that freely-functioning energy markets provide the most efficient and effective solutions to today’s global energy and environmental challenges and, as such, are critical to the well-being of individuals and society.

The president of this non-profit organization has stated a searchable fact that was conducted over time and makes me think twice (A LOT) of why people are trying to push only 1 or 2 types of a resource to use for energy. Here’s an excerpt from organization’s president, Thomas J. Pyle:

“…Access to affordable, abundant energy is, fundamentally, a means of freedom. But for those seeking to create a crisis that provides an opportunity to direct the way we live, work and act, affordable, reliable, abundant, domestic energy is a threat. In a very real sense, the more energy we have, the less power they will have. Energy abundance ends the justification for central energy decision-making…”

This is from page 26 in the attached PDF below.

So please share this blog and knowledge to everyone out there to shed some light and hopefully people will open their eyes more and see that eliminating fossil fuels completely is NOT THE solution. We all take for granted what we use in our every day lives, we should appreciate what we have and that we should be smarter as the USER or CONSUMER in our products whether to recycle them properly or reuse them effectively.

I end it here from the excerpt from Institute for Energy Research (IER) policy brief – “The 100 Percent Renewable Energy Myth” – February 8, 2019