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Why Won’t The Media Show Video Evidence of Trump “Inciting” Mob?

As Mr. D’Souza indicated, “Why won’t the media show this part of the speech?” And, “what about this revealing timeline of events?”

I found a transcript of the entire speech – word for word – and I do not see anywhere where the President incited violence whatsoever.

Definition of “incitement” is the action of provoking unlawful behavior or urging someone to behave unlawfully.

And I have not seen nor heard it in anywhere in his speech.

WATCH the Left Incite Violence More Times Than You Can Count

At the 2:00 minute mark. Glen makes sense about being worried and questioning who made this?

I definitely agree with Glenn, to be worrying that finger pointing will happen again – and this will set it up for another conspiracy theory. And that no one will no the actual truth anymore. What is truth the now?

His fore shadowing and past warnings has been spot on… And I don’t blame him for being worried about what may come next.

Please pray for peace and protection for everyone. That everyone calms down thinks with a level head and not with emotion.

Irrational actions results with severe consequences.

At the 6:28 minute mark – very eye opening when the left and mainstream media keep stating that our current President has “incited” violence… When the left, media and celebrities themselves have been doing it continuously and never ever got in trouble for it!

It’s the hypocrisy and double standards yet again.


Those three words are powerful. It embraces the power of us – the US citizen. But lately many of us seemed to forget it. We’ve been sleeping on Netflix shows, TV shows, Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram. We’ve been having our heads in the clouds. We’ve been drugged with fantasies. Let’s wake up and look around. Life is not like a TV show, life is what happened where many people risked their lives to flee from their communist/socialist countries to be in U.S.A and then watched the young U.S citizen fight to go back to communist/socialist country.

It’s never felt this good uninstalling Facebook, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram (never been on Twitter) and canceled Amazon Prime, Netflix.

We made them rich and now we can bring them down. We are the users. We are the people. We will not let the Social medias which we supported and made them big now turn back and suppress our voices and freedom of speech. We will not let the people who we voted for to be our voices now turn back and cheat on our election to secure their position for more years of looting our tax money into their pockets.

America is a country of freedom and democracy. We will not let anyone to destroy our constitution. We will keep our heads up, keep voices loud and clear, keep our guns.


It’s sad when many of my friends do not share the same view. It’s sad to see they voted for Biden just because they hated on Trump. It’s sad to hear they talked and realized they do not know and understand how their government works. All they knew about their government is what the TV and media told them so.

It’s sad I lost some friends or at least could not keep in touch with many friends because I decided to be off Facebook.

But I get to do it for my righteousness. I don’t allow to be a slave of big tech, media, corrupt politicians who think they can use me or manipulate me.

Goodbye my friends on Facebook. Text me if you need because you have my phone numbers. See you offline!