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George Floyd Riots – Rioters and Protesters attack Truck Driver in Minnesota I-35

A police who has been a police but when he abused the law and made mistake. He served his bad choice. That’s understandable.

But a criminal who has been doing nothing good for society but have been making many minor crimes but now pronounced a hero who died for justice?! I can’t understand society and the people surround me anymore.

Justice is a joke. Political game is getting very ugly and dirty and the young generation is made of a huge crowd of entitled useless brats!

Does The Vaccine Passport VIOLATE Your Rights?

Democrats be like: no ID for voting, no ID for coming across the border and getting on welfare, no ID for vote register but as you’re a citizen, you need vaccine passport to travel in your own country.

Who is beneficial in this?

Remember even you’re vaccinated, does not mean you cannot be a carrier. The virus would not be like “oh they’re vaccinated, let’s just stay away from them”.

Fomites! Fomites are everywhere, people! Keep your dirty shoes outside of your house and always wash your hands before eating! Also clean your phone with alcohol pad daily after you get home from the outside too!

The only vaccine I need is Communism vaccine!

Trump launched his new personal website

Among all the sad and dark news where the corrupt party and its dogs have been trying to create all kinds of new ways to tax American, Trump launching his new personal website is a good news. This website is his official site where anyone can reach out to him. Sending him and his family tons of love and prayers.

Looking forward to his new social media.