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My two favorite Korean movies that I watched in 2020

Yoon Bok & Jeong Hyang | 바람의 화원 Painter of the Wind

Painter of the Wind is very gentle and beautiful movie. You will find true pure love painted in this movie. They created a beautiful stories about love – main characters in this movies simply love for love – they do not know about the real sex/genders or how to be gay or not – but they simply fall in love with each others for the feelings of their hearts. Truly simply a beautiful movie about love.

The Handmaiden (2016) The books scene (My Tamako, My Sookee)

The Handmaiden is a Korean version of Fingersmith (a novel of Sarah Waters)

This version – this movie – is more than a masterpiece to me. Everything about this movie or in this movie are simply full of art. Beautiful and breathtaking movie. I gave this movie 11/10 for everything. This movie is everything I wanted a movie to be.

This soundtrack from the Handmaiden is one of my favorite too: