“Australian Gun Owners Warning to Americans…”

Well, we haven’t learned from history apparently.

We are supposed to learn from history so we do not repeat it. Apparently we still aren’t and it’s not sticking.

Common sense people, law abiding citizens follow the laws.

Whereas non-law abiding citizens do not. That means they will, by any means necessary, get a gun or firearm or do whatever through ILLEGAL means. These non-law abiding citizens don’t care about you, honestly speaking. If they know you’re vulnerable – they will attack you, harm you, steal from you, rob you, mug you, whatever else that may come to their mind. Bottom line is – they will do and want to cause harm.

Since the gun ban in Australia – the crime rates increased as indicated in the video and percentages noted below…

So yeah, I’d prefer to be able to protect myself and my family against these non-law abiding people who don’t care to follow ANY law.

Who would ever bring a knife to a gun fight?

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