Why do we support the parasites that lives a fancy life on our Tax Money for decades?

Among this crowds are patriots – veteran, lawyers, engineers, doctors, people who work hard for their family, people who believe in the USA, people who believe in U.S Constitution – who protest with flags, not weapons, not guns, not rocks, no riot or looting
Also among this crowds, there are evils who wanted to created bad names, bad reputation, chaos to blame the President.

But the compared those protesters who do not have weapons, who do not riot, who do not loot, who simply asked for justice in our election systems with this:

Wait. But you didn’t use the “shit show” to this?
This shit show looked like domestic terrorist acts to me!!!!
They called this civil right, peaceful protester but shoot the patriot protester inside the Capitol Hill right now.

They let the “peaceful” protesters burning Churches. burning USA flag, looting stores, destroyed thousands of small business in the name of “Civil Rights”

But they shot a woman who came with USA flag to fight for the unique right of a US citizen – to vote in a “legal” “proper” Federal Election.

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And again, I support:

Religion beliefs


Civil rights

Women rights


Flat tax

Small government



Market economy




We The People

That’s why I will never support liars who has earned millions over the pandemic claiming themselves the voices of the people while the people are being forced to shut down, stayed at home and suffering financial problems. I WON’T SUPPORT THOSE PARASITES WHO SUCKS TAX MONEY. What have they really cared and done for the people? Or all they care is how to hold their positions, build their powers, getting paid to be a “Voices of America”?!

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