The only one who has been fighting for you!

Do you know?

Before running for office to become 45th US President, Donald Trump was not a member of any political parties in US, even Republican Party.

He only started to choose a party according to its beliefs and became a member of Republican Party since the day he started to run to fight for Americans.

And right now, right at this moment, where the only lonely patriot is being hunted and bullied by the demons, he’s still NOT truly a member of any parties. He is simply a business man who picked to vote for Republican party. He is simply a patriot who has been working/fighting days and nights without any salaries from your Tax Money to fight for your rights, for the constitution, for a smaller government, for lowering your taxes, for American citizen to have a better life. And for doing that, he has been exposing too much to us, to the people who want the truth. That’s why, right at this moment when you are reading this, he is the most bullied president in US history. Because he has never truly had his party. The people who betrayed him, they never truly worked for him, they just did the job, hold their position to get paid, to have their benefits, because who are they? They are politicians, not Trump, Trump is a patriot, a business man, a brave one!

That’s also the reason why they picked only him. They did not make you hate Pence or anyone else but Trump. Trump is the only one to blame for everything. Because it’s easier to pick a fight with one man than with one party.

We may vote for different parties. But we are NOT the same.

Simply because I vote for who I know, who I see and who I care. I did not vote for Biden just because I hated Trump. How many of Biden voters know about Biden’s policy as well as the policy of the Democratic party? How many Biden voters really understand the difference between capitalism and socialism?

Don’t vote just because you hate.

Don’t hate your own country.

Don’t ruin your own constitution just because that’s a trend.

Don’t let justice get burned for standing and cheering the demons who are trying to eat a patriot man alive!

If you say Black Lives Matter, do you think this man (who you may not agree with)’s life matter too?

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