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I don’t miss fb but I do miss my friends

It’s been a week since I deleted FB and FB messenger. Found out that I do not really care about FB itself, Most of the time I miss seeing posts/photos and updates from my friends. Miss see lovely faces and familiar names. Miss hitting like/love/care. Well, however, I won’t let FB win me over. What FB, Twitter and Amazon as well as other big tech/news/media has been doing to my sitting president are unacceptable.

I miss Disney, miss traveling too. I need a break!

❤ Our trip to Disney in Orlando in February of 2020 ❤

Today is a good Sunday.

Day off spending with my loves.

Had Lila’s nail trimmed ❤

She’s not happy about it!

Also today my mom cook Bún Bò Huế to celebrate my Daddy and Jerry’s birthday.

But before she finished cooking. We did BBQ for lunch in the front yard.

And here is our dinner

Delicious!!!! Bún Bò Huế cô Mai ❤

Chúc Bố và em Hiếu mãi mãi khoẻ mạnh hạnh phúc và gặp thật nhiều may mắn trong cuộc sống. ❤

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