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Blame it on grandma

So three out of four of my babies are considered obese. And for being a Vet Nurse, I am not okay with it. Let’s blame it on grandma who never follow my feeding instructions on the babies. They are spoiled rotten by grandma. Grandma does not count calories, calories count her. :))
Throw back some photos of Lila before Grandma moved in:


And Lila – after Grandma diet hit:


We all love grandma so much for being a good chef. ❤ Even mom (me) is being spoiled by grandma’s cooking skills too. But let’s just not get fatter and fatter, shall we? I feel the shame bring my own pets to work. =)) Obesity is not healthy, y’all! *erherm* I am serious. :))

3 little piggies napping while moms were working

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