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Give myself a break

Only 2 days since Biden became president, he has already done damage to the economy. And so many other things out there for us to discuss about. But I am giving myself a break today. I don’t want to think of anything out there. I am not a reporter or journalist. I don’t get paid writing my blog so I will just sit back and relax and let the other reporters and journalists doing their jobs.

Those who voted for Biden should see the damage he did to the economy and see how incompetent this dementia lying old man is and feel ashamed for helping to spread the corruption deeper in our beloved country’s soil!

Well, whatever it is. Despite thousands of people losing their jobs or the tax is going to raise or the communist parties are happy to pocket more and more tax money from the citizens, my life is still the same, my routine is still the same. Positive thinking, I am still surrounded by my loved ones, my big family and my friends still love me, as well as I still love them all even when they have different opinions in so many subjects with me. I still love them because they are my family and my friends.

Love is still there. Love is in the air!

Love and art are still making this world beautiful. Even though in real life, a strong economy system brings happiness to the citizen.

We went visit the Alamo today in San Antonio.

The Alamo, downtown San Antonio
The Alamo, downtown San Antonio
The Alamo, downtown San Antonio

What a beautiful day to walk around SA downtown.

The Alamo, downtown San Antonio
The Alamo, downtown San Antonio
The Alamo, downtown San Antonio
The Alamo, downtown San Antonio

Tomorrow is always another day to live and to love. We still go to work, go home, live our life. It’s good to not think about the world for some time.

But at the same time try not to let ourselves be isolated from reality and become a sheep for those politicians to pocket our tax money and to get rich by lying and manipulating us.

And here are some more colorful beautiful music not only for the ears, but also for the soul:

Don’t forget to always kiss your loved ones goodnight, give hugs and say “I love you”, all the time!
❤ ❤ ❤

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