All Members of Congress must have Term Limits.

I agree with Ted Cruz that there should be a Congressional amendment for having term limits for all members of Congress. It is ridiculous to see how long some of these individuals are still continuing to “serve” the people who voted for them in Congress. Well, I will disagree that some people believe that there are “term limits” – if we vote them out of their position whether they’re serving as a member of Congress or a Senator. But you do realize if they are voted out, they can still be voted back in another time, right?

Well let’s see who has been a member of Congress for a LONG time, here are a few examples and still currently serving: Hal Rogers since 1981, Steny Hamilton Hoyer since 1981, Chris Smith since 1981, Nancy Pelosi since 1987, Fred Upton since 1987, Chuck Schumer since 1981, Frank Pallone since 1988, Diane Feinstein since 1992, Jerry Nadler since 1993, Maxine Waters since 1991, and the names continue on…

So yes, please let us introduce a bill to impose term limits on all members of Congress. I mean Congress has ratified the 22nd Amendment to impose term limits on U.S. Presidents back in 1951. Of course this was in response to Franklin Roosevelt winning four consecutive terms in the White House, back then. So why can’t they then or now, even, impose term limits on themselves? Here’s my thought on that… They enjoy having the power in their hands and the greed. Yes, do not forget that our members of Congress are being paid for the “work” they’re doing. Whatever actual work they’re doing is beyond me as a “politician”. Curious to wonder what the salary is for a member of Congress?


Executive Order 13970 of December 31, 2020, Adjustments of Certain Rates of Pay. Executive Order for 2021 Pay Schedules.

It is truly mind-boggling.

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