Another productive day well spent in the backyard

When we first moved to our house, our backyard was blank.

Backyard in 2018
Backyard in 2018

Around summer of 2018, we started our first project with concrete slab.

Summer of 2018
Summer of 2018

Then we started to build our backyard. Placing bricks around the fence, bricks for raised garden beds, planting grass, etc.

Everything in our backyard are from scratch. That’s how we love it so much even it’s not professionally beautiful but it’s our hardwork, sweat and love we’ve put in there.

Summer 2018
Summer of 2018, we also made a little pathway for the trash bins area.
Fall of 2018

We’ve made several changes, planted so many vegetables.

I’ve had tomatoes, papaya, banana, winter melons, cucumber, lime, lemon, luffa, white mini eggplant, peppers, sun flowers, rosemary, mint, aloe vera, a lot of basils and other Vietnamese herbs and so many more that I can’t remember to name them all.

But when 2020 hit, I got lazy, I completely abandoned my yard the whole year. It was a stressful and frustrated year.

This year, I want to start gardening again.

Today we sowed broccoli, artichoke, okra, chilli peppers, eggplant, water spinach, snow peas, malanar spinach.

We’ve only lived here over 3 yrs but we’ve made this place our home sweer home. ❤

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