Pitbull is the man, knows the warning signs of Communism.

Snippets & analysis from An0maly’s YouTube video.

Citing in Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto:

Event 201 – A Global Pandemic Exercise Website

The Event 201 Scenario – A Pandemic Tabletop Exercise

Event 201 – Videos Including discussions and a highlights reel

Direct screen shot from Event 201’s website. And the World Economic Forum is also partnered here.

It is very interesting to see how this is all connected somehow. And as I mentioned before in my prior blog: “The Great Reset is becoming more prominent.” I do not know what else or how else to explain it.

If you want to watch the full Drink Champs video with Pitbull here it is:

1:38:03 is his Covid conversation, Event 201 & Communism

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