Texas winter storm survivor’s note

I laughed at my own title. *lol*

Last week was a cold week. Texas winter storm – you can read all the news about it.

Texas is very big. So I will just talk about my own experience. It was fun and games at first with the snow, very thick snow. My dogs and I loved it. After 2 first days of the blackout, I was telling my family “it’s not bad, as long as we have each others like this, it’s actually very good quiet time to spend with family” *as we were playing cards together under candles light after dinner*
In the first 2 days of the Texas winter storm, we had no cellular signals, no power. I had to use the old-school radio with battery and antenna to looking for news and updates. Thanks to my Dad for being a huge fan of Goodwill (finally it ended up to be helpful) that we have all the old battery lights/lamps/radio/survival devices/generator. I used the generator on my 60 gallon aquarium to help my fishes.

And then that night, the 2nd night of the blackout, no water came out of the faucets. T_T We were like “it’s alright we have plenty of snow and hopefully water will be back soon.”

Almost 3 days without water, my wife and I woke up every morning to hunt down water. It was fun actually. The feeling of being busy to live and provide for your family actually made me feel so good and productive. First morning we went to Lowe’s, we tried to look for better generator but no lucks, luckily we bought some 5-gallon water bottles and some empty ones. The next morning we came back for more water but they were out, we were not surprise but we just wanted to check. Then we found out that one of the QT gas station on 79 has water filling station. Great! So we drove slowly to fill all of the 5-gallon bottles we had and brought them home. Those clean water was for drinking, cooking, washing hands and brushing teeth. For toilet use, we cooked snow with some salt and used that for bathroom. Luckily we have gas stoves.

Everything was under control. Anywhere we went to, everybody was calm and handle themselves very well. Absolutely no looting, no chaos, no fighting or whatsoever. We are Texan and we are strong.

Well, talking about we are strong. I remember when Houston suffered from Hurricane Harvey in 2018, Trump and his wife came to support, help and provided goods and supplies right away. But where was Joe Biden? Pretty much kissing kids and touching children in his basement. But I guess, I am good not seeing his faces or any of the corrupt F faces because it gave me more frustration for the whole situation.

Talking about Biden, so far he has not done anything helpful except continue with Trump’s work and claimed them as his credit. Why idiots always have to be like that? Talk a lot, do barely, make sure to take all the credits. Very typical kind of people in my life!

Anyway, day 4th of the winter storm, I’d been already back to work and life pretty much back to normal soon. 🙂

Here is some videos of us having fun with the snow on the first day. 🙂 After that we were busy cooking snow and survived. lol

The only broken-hearted news from me is that 90% of my plants died as well as 2 of my tetras and one of my goldfish lost an eyeball. Otherwise, we survived Texas winter storm and now we are fully prepared for the next disaster. We’re geared up with generators and survival stuff. I am ready for yard work again. Poor my plants, but they sure went to heaven! ❤

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