My new 100 gallon acrylic tank with same old fishes [day 2] – Sunset to moonlight

This is only day 2 of new water and new tank so that it’s going through the cloudy state still. The water will get crystal clear when the beneficial bacteria establish.

One of my Ranchu – Lauren – had lost one of her eye during the long blackout period of Texas winter storm. She was stressed and started to have swim bladder disorder/head stand. I’ve been feeding her with green peas and hopefully she will be better.

All of the fishes are old fishes. I had them when they were tiny.

The only new addition to this tank is Huệ – the tiny goldfish who is still shy in the corner. ^_^

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  1. I thought about all the poor pets in TX, especially those that need fresh water, warmth & lighting. I am so glad your water angels are alive. Hoping the best for Lauren. A special fish taught me years ago that fish have feelings too.

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