Empty vessels make the most noise

It’s driving me crazy tolerating talkers. People with only a loud mouth.

“What can I help you with?” “What can I do for you?” “I can help you with this.” “I can do this.” “It’s easy.” “I’ve been here 15 yrs.” Bla bla bla

But in reality, stuff (that they claimed to help me) are all half done or done improperly or even not done.


If you claim something is easy to your level, prove it with your own abilities. Don’t manipulate and use other’s abilities to help you shine by power!

They just want to claim it, announce it, take all the credits. But never seem to really help you to succeed. When you work your ass off to help the team, they claimed it “team work”. But when shit hit the fan, they are calling each other’s names out to address the issue. Team meetings, ten thousands meetings, all the same issues that have been addressed for so many times without improvement. 15 yrs in the field, 7 yrs in the field, 8 yrs in the field, that’s a lot of time for improvement. It takes only 2 yrs to get the license. You think it’s easy, and your experience is far better. So go get the damn license then. Who stop you?

Why not getting the knowledge and then being jealous and snake like that? So toxic.

Empty words, hollow compliments, bullshit helps, improper practices, laziness, jealousy, etc

Those are the factors which gets me burned out faster than ever.

Lord helps me stay strong to be here for my innocent animals.

Just stfu and do your job properly. Work your job’s description. Stop the bullshit. Stop! It’s tiring for real workers to tolerate bullshit workers.

And if you want to be inspiring, first of all, please be real, don’t be fake!

P.s: I can’t stand those long pointy nails in the dog’s rectum. Lord helps me and help those poor dogs.

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