Tesla and Electric Charging Stations and Solar on cars

So I just wanted to throw this idea out there for the leading innovator and entrepreneur, Elon Musk, and also Tesla.

I’m not sure if you’ve already thought about this, Mr. Musk, or if it is already in the works for a future vehicle of yours at Tesla.

Since you already have the solar roofs (for homes), solar panels (for homes as well) and various charging stations for your Tesla vehicles out there for consumers… What about these ideas as well?

First idea/example – why not have various electric charging stations partnered with already established gas stations so people with Tesla vehicles (or other electric vehicles) can charge their vehicles at gas stations as well. While they are waiting for their vehicle to charge, they can then go to the station convenient store or shop to buy snacks, use the bathroom, etc.

I think it would be a good idea if there are some Tesla or electric charging stations at some gas stations because it’ll be efficient in that sense. Works both for the consumers and for the station location as well. Instead of trying to find the Tesla charging station which could be somewhere else no where near a convenient store. I could be wrong. However, you may have this idea already in the works or there could be “competition” issues with the gas station… But I think it’s a win-win situation in both aspects.

Second idea/example – since your company already has solar roofs and solar panels for the homes… Why not use that same idea for the Tesla vehicles? So the vehicle can re-charge itself and the driver does not have to worry about finding a charging station if he is unable to locate one currently (while on a trip).

The idea is like having the solar panel on the vehicle to charge the battery – it can be located on the roof of the vehicle, the top of the trunk of the vehicle or the hood of the vehicle. Just throwing that idea out there for you and your company IF you don’t already have that idea floating around.

I mean some companies have tested that idea already and you may have too. But with the technology now, I think it would be a good fit as you and your company are leading a lot in the innovative aspect of this field and then some.

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